Trying to remain faithful to the revealed Word and the progressive revelation of a God that never stopped talking.

Going into seminary, this was a growing page where (almost) any paper I turned in was posted in a PDF form. Going back now to read those papers, I've decided for the moment to delay posting all my school work online. My understanding of faith, Scriptures, Worship, Theology, and Mission are evolving at break neck speed, and it almost doesn't seem fair to publish my beliefs from one semester online as they are being re-formed next semester. Instead, let's talk general categories in faith and church life. I do hope to post some of my most major assignments, especially from Constructive Theology and Integrative Theology.

Christian Scriptures

Scriptures I
This class involved the realization that so much of our foundational understanding of God and the faith is unspeakably ancient. Our Old Testament narratives have been redacted and edited to reflect a progressive revelation of God.
Scriptures II
This class involved the realization of how integral the Babylonian exile was to shaping the world Jesus knew. Understanding the prophetic tradition doesn't reveal some epic crystal ball into the future: but a message of faithfulness to God.
Scriptures III
Seeing how the authors of the Gospels used their perspective (and theological agendas) to describe the Savior gives us a more full image of an indescribable Christ. The idealistic thought of an early Church may be skewed.