Be Careful

May we be careful if we wave palm branches today, welcoming Jesus to our city.

He might get off the donkey, walk into our church, and flip the tables of some of our favorite ministries. He might drive out our injustice with a whip.

Be careful if you let Jesus in. He might cause chaos in our town. He might get the religious people mad. They may not understand.

Be careful, friends. Christ may wash our feet, look us in the eyes and ask us to get down and wash the feet of all those who “don’t deserve it”.

Christ might set a table and have communion with disciples. With betrayers. With doubters. With all those we said couldn’t participate.

If we let Christ in, he may want us to pray all night. Pray in a way that makes us shake. Makes us sweat blood.

If we let Jesus in to our town, he may not establish a political kingdom like we thought. But he might crawl onto a cross and be crucified.

Holy Week gives us a chance to face Jesus, all of Jesus. Holy week invites us to follow Christ on a narrow path. Holy Week starts with a grand entrance led by commoners, and ends with the darkest day of our history. In between lies important, heart wrenching, wild events of our faith.

This Holy Week, let’s invite Christ in. whatever that means, and however that looks.