(Selfie from a friend’s wedding in Tyler, TX)

I am a in Waco.

… and this is my web site. Welcome! Kick your shoes off and take a look around. For the moment, this site will be a hub for those who are interested in building a site together and to give me a chance to share what I’ve been writing in seminary. This is a discussion together, so I value and covet your comments below each post. I hope you’ll follow along with me and maybe even sign up to get emails from me when I post new blogs.
*DISCLAIMER- Part of living a life following the radical Christ involves political discussion and involvement. Therefore, some of my blog posts will touch on controversial political issues

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What can we build together?

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Along with most Christians through most of Church History, I affirm the Apostle’s Creed. I believe Christians should work together, regardless of minor and major theological differences for the redemption of the world. For an in depth look at my personal beliefs though, see my statement of faith.

Statement of Faith