A World Apart. A World Together.

This week I found myself in a familiar place, and an altogether new place. I’m beyond ecstatic to be working with Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio again. This has become a familiar place to me, and that’s a good thing. But many things are fully new and different than last year as well. You see, summer of 2016 I came to San Antonio after what had arguably been the best two years of my life in West Texas, and had a great summer learning about the moderate Baptist church, working with students, and dreaming about the future.

But if we’re going to be honest, this school year wasn’t that great. Let me back up. It was great. I’m in a fantastic master’s program, I have a good apartment, I make web sites that people sometimes pay for. But I went from a place where the work I was doing made a demonstrable difference to a place of learning theory. I went from a town where a 20 something with a heart to minister was in high demand, to a town with hundreds of people in my situation. Friendships became hard to foster. My knowledge of what I didn’t know became larger. I found a church I love with open conversations about every issue, a woman in senior leadership, and a good Sunday school class, then the denominational body I grew up with since birth decided that wasn’t okay. I made mistakes with lasting repercussions. I disappointed my family and lost their trust. I learned so much, grew so much, and cried so much. I don’t know how to evaluate everything that has happened this school year, but I know that there is something here at my summer internship that I didn’t have this school year. Maybe its a defined job to do. Maybe its a ministry with others. Maybe its a closer family life. But I’m here. And I’m learning. But I’m also doing, and that’s a good thing.

So for now, I’m here. In the same world I was last summer, with a new year of perspective behind me. And for now, I’m smiling. God is doing something good in a hard to define, medium-sized, liturgical Baptist church in San Antonio, and I get to be part of it.

So what about you? Where have the last 12 months taken you? Would love to hear from you, friends.