Jacob Brenton

Pastor. Student.
Baylor MDiv/MBA Candidate. Acting Interim Pastor of St. John United Church of Christ. Somewhere at the intersection of inclusion and orthodoxy. Tradition and future. Listening and learning. Word and sacrament. Licensed UCC and Baptist minister seeking ordination.

Fascinated by the ways the living God is resurrecting a dead and broken world. We create worship together that all may be liberated.

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Hilton Organizational Behavior Analysis


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Two Images of Salvation

May we who share Christ's Body live His risen life...


I find myself a Baptist pastoring in the United Church of Christ. A Seminarian in graduate business school. A young person pastoring an elderly congregation. Where do you find yourself? What are the interesting oddities of your life, your faith, your practice? You see, when Christ sat around a table with the disciples, He didn't only invite the most faithful, He invited the betrayer as well. He didn't only invite the men; the women were there as well. Christ wasn't just Lord of the table, He was the footwashing servant of all.
Child of God, you were made good. Holy. Whole. You, me, all of us, we're all invited back into resurrection life. We just need to be faithful to come back to the table.


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