Love beyond exclusion.

Live beyond yourself.

A Recent Sermon:

Hello! I'm a second year div student of Truett Seminary at Baylor University. I build web sites, help people with creative projects, and work at the Baylor Central Libraries.

I believe our words, our churches, and our Bible can't limit God. I believe in building a bigger table; even if that means inviting people we don't like. I believe that I don't know everything, but I'd love to learn more. Join me!

The Work of the Church

As a way to wrestle with Scriptures outside of my classes, but within the context of a Christian community, I plan a worship service around our Revised Common Lectionary Texts each week. I strive to be creative while honoring the Tradition of the Church; therefore services are "traditional" in format, and include things like weekly communion and a confession of faith, but are creative and innovative in how these things are carried out. Services are "contemporary" in that they respond to the needs of today, but are not focused solely on the sermon or "me" centered songs.